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Our Story




My name is Gaelen, and here you can learn a bit about me. This is my little website I created to help those young couples out there who, like me, when I was looking for an engagement ring, are starting to look around for unique engagement ring styles.

I live in Northern British Columbia, Canada and enjoy an awesome view of nature from my home, where I work.  Here is a picture from my front window….Living in the rural landscape is vital for the artistic side of me to thrive, and as you can see, I am without excuse.


16 years ago I was also looking for an engagement ring for my wife-to-be. I had a background of working with my hands and with metal work, as well as and being self employed, so I figured I would make my own engagement ring! I have never looked back. After I found this new hobby, I began by word of mouth to supply neighbors, family and friends with my jewelry. Over some years, it has led me down the path of wanting to supply the world with the rewarding experience of having your own unique handmade jewelry.


My Philosophy

Having been successfully self-employed now for 18 years, I can say that I have learned that providing the best customer service and exceeding people’s expectations is the best philosophy and only way to truly succeed. I have based my entire approach to custom goldsmithing on these principles. Your needs and desires are my whole focus and goal. This is why I provide a 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee on all my rings. I want you to be the proud owner and wearer of my handmade unique engagement rings!

My Technique

I love goldsmithing and can proudly say that each piece you see on this website is created 100% by me, with no outside help. I work alone – one ring at a time. I love being in control of every aspect of my work, and don’t mind the extra hassles it sometimes can create : )

I make these jewelry pieces from molten gold, palladium, silver and platinum! I use lost wax (technique) as well as cold forming (technique), depending on the design. I welcome ALL custom work and have specialized tools to help make your special design come to life.

Each ring will come with a nice ring box, and in-house appraisal for insurance purposes, as well as a print-out of the warranty information.


Learn about the custom order process

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me,and I will personally get back to you as soon as possible.