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Pricing Product and Service


Before we look at what things cost, let's first look at what you are getting when you purchase product or services from me.

In order to make wise decisions on where to spend your money you have to know what you need, and then understand what is being offered in return for your money.

My bottom line is this: I want to give you the best product and the best service I can. I want to give you peace of mind, and I want you to understand what your jewellery needs in order to serve you for generations. If my customers leave happy, then they will support me so I can continue to offer others my product and services!

I have laid out policies and pricing for all my products and services. Before purchasing anything from me, please read and understand what your jewellery needs and what unique services I offer.

Repairing existing jewellery that you own

Buying diamonds and gems

Commissioning me to custom design something for you

Tuning those designs into reality