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Choosing The Engagement Ring Style That Suits Your Lifestyle

There are a pile of engagement ring styles out there. How do you know which style to choose? Do you simply close the case when you’ve found the right sparkle?

I see 3 different ways of choosing between engagement ring styles:

  1. Chose the ring design that grabs your interest the most, not knowing the “cons” (many people do this)
  2. Chose the ring that is practical in your lifestyle, regardless of the “pros” (no one does this!)
  3. Eliminate the interesting ones that will have too many future problems, and chose from the remaining ones (my recommendation)

I am NOT dictating to you what you “should” want in your handmade ring… Heck, I wouldn’t be into handcrafting custom designed engagement rings if I refused to listen to my clients! I am merely trying to help you avoid buyer’s remorse by itemizing certain characteristics I have seen, over the years, which can become problematic. I should know, I’ve repaired all sorts of engagement rings and have heard the complaints from all kinds of designs.

None of these common threads are considered “flaws”. But some people consider these an irritating oversight- which hopefully reading my website will help you realize BEFORE you pay for the engagement ring. Be aware of the following traits and don’t be surprised if you end up experiencing some level of frustration in the future, if you neglect my advice.

  1. Poor layout of the setting or just plain flimsy setting altogether
  2. Filigree engagement rings are beautiful but can host a pile of trouble in the future. Filigree must be done right!
  3. Deep undercuts and hollowing are great cost reducers, but if poorly done, they are a ticking time bomb as well
  4. Fine finishes and details work look stunning out-of-the-box…. just give it a few years, they will be worn out
  5. Be aware of rhodium plating! It too looks great for the first few months…

Remember! Handmade jewelry’s most important aspects:

A great custom, handmade engagement ring will captivate your eyes, please your fingers (and not slash your fiancé), be durable, and be an absolute pleasure to wear for generations!

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